OneLife Direct Care

High quality and convenient care at an affordable cost. 

OneLife Direct Care

High quality and convenient care at an affordable cost. 

OneLife Direct Details

A membership in OneLife Direct includes nearly all of your primary care needs:

Constant availability and direct access to and contact with providers via text, email, and phone.

All office visits and telemedicine/virtual visits are included and available during regular office hours.

Procedures performed in the clinic including skin lesion removal by excision and cryotherapy, suturing, casting, joint aspiration and injection, IV fluid replacement for dehydration, injection of medications.

Access to fitness and nutrition programs. This will include basic programming for workouts that can be done at home or your own gym.. Also included will be basic meal planning and nutrition tips and advice for healthy eating as well as our weight loss programs. Members will receive discounts on our trainer-lead fitness programs.

High level of coordination of care with other healthcare team members including hospitalists, specialists, therapists and naturopaths.

Access to negotiated discounts on specialty labs and imaging.

Medication management by our healthcare team, including a clinical pharmacist, and assistance with evaluating and accessing the best therapies available, factoring in efficacy, safety and cost of the drugs.


OneLife Direct FAQs

Q: Will I have to change my insurance or stop my insurance to become a member of OneLife Direct?

A: No. We encourage all of our members to have a major medical insurance plan or the equivalent (health sharing/med sharing) to cover hospitalization and specialty care. It will be worthwhile to look at your plan and see if there is a better fit in a different plan or within your same plan options. Using a Health Savings Account could be of benefit.


Q:How do I sign up?

A: Go to the OneLife Direct website and follow the directions. It’s fairly straightforward and should take about five minutes per family member.


Q: How do I find out more information about the OneLife Direct membership or get help signing up?

A: We recommend reading though everything on OneLife Direct information page. You can also read through the contract here which outlines in detail all the information on the membership benefits, listing included and excluded services. Feel free to give us a call anytime. Come by the clinic for more information or for help signing up.


Q: How much will it cost me and my family since we have five children?

A: $189 per month. That breaks down to $27 per family member per month. There is strength (and savings) in numbers. The price is the same for a family of three or 10 children. The family price applies to immediate family members in the same household with dependent children up to age 25.


Q: What if your clinic does not accept my insurance?

A: As a member of OneLife Direct, it does not matter if you are “in network” or “out of network” with our clinic. The membership covers your primary care so that most of what we do at the clinic will be covered by your membership regardless of your insurance.


Q: How is a membership in OneLife Direct better than using my insurance to cover my primary care?

A: This answer could be quite long so here are the highlights: All members have superior access to Dr. Dugger. Your provider is always one text or phone call away, which allows you to get the care you need when you need it from the doctor you know and trust. A significant array of benefits that are not typically covered well by insurance are included in the membership such as the fitness and nutrition plans, along with immediate access to deeply discounted prices that we have negotiated for specialty labs.


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